Trip to the ‘Hoge Veluwe’ .

On this fine Saturday we make a trip to a Nature Park close to Arnhem. We do some cycling and look at art in a world famous museum.

National Park Hoge Veluwe is a beautiful piece of natural landscape with wildlife. The park offers free bikes to ride that are at the entrances.  One of the most important features is a museum holding a private collection of art. Famous paintings by Van Gogh and  Mondriaan are among them as well as a sculpture park.

We will ride bikes to the museum, and visit there. Bring your own lunch in a backpack.

And: bring your student card for reducing the fee at the museum!

You contribute only 7 euro’s, bring that as well.


How to get there:  By bus, or on your own bike .

You take the bus line nr 9 to Koningsweg in Arnhem Schaarsbergen.

Get out at Koningsweg and walk in towards the Schaarbergen entrance to the park.

We will meet there at 10.45 hrs. and enter the park at 11.00 hrs . Don’t be late!


11:00 - 15:00
Park Hoge Veluwe
Koningsweg 17
, arnhem

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