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Hi all, As the new student pastor at Arnhem student point, I am looking for students who would like to join my student team! ASP organizes different sorts of meetings with and for students. All meetings have something to do with getting inspired, giving meaning to life, being with a community and being who you really are. Within this concept, events like sushi dinner evening, leadership workshops, game board nights, meditation sessions and many more were previously organized. The student team helps the student pastor with organizing, marketing, pr, making project plans and everything else that has something to do with organizing events and getting people to know more about ASP. The student team consists of students from ArtEZ, HAN and Van Hall Larenstein. Each student in the team works for a minimum of 4 hours a week at ASP. It is a volunteer job, but you will get a…

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Our dream is to have students from the three universities for applied science in Arnhem and Velp meeting and enjoying each others company. To see them grow as a person  and as a community. Every year a team starts working on attractive small scale  events  to make our Tuesday living room lively, and explore new possibilities for workshops, trips, and whatever brings new insights into the noble art of living. Are you the  creative and interesting person who will breng something special to our student team? Contact us at This volunteer job requires: 4 hours a week at least, for a fee of 100 euro’s a month.  

 The women situation   The laws protecting women’s rights in Pakistan work on paper, but the laws are not being enforced to protect women in the way that they were written. The estimated percentage of women who encounter domestic violence ranges from about 70 to 90 percent according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). Rafiq Zakaria in his book The Trial of Benazir, writes, “the husband has an edge over the wife in family affairs but from this we cannot conclude that a man is superior to a woman in every respect”. There is no basis for this either in Qur’an or the Sunnah. This is socially tolerated due to the Islamic tradition of the country, in which the men of Pakistan are dominant over the women. It was also estimated by the HRCP that about eight women are raped nationwide every twenty-four hours in Pakistan, and at…

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