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(English below) Levenskunst Toen ik twee weken geleden begon met mijn nieuwe baan als studentenpastor, bedacht ik me dat het leuk zou zijn om een jaarthema te introduceren. Een thema waar ik me aan vast kan houden en dat tegelijkertijd zou zorgen voor een duidelijke lijn in de activiteiten die ASP aanbiedt. Na een tijdje brainstormen, nadenken en online naar inspiratie zoeken, kwam ik tot de conclusie dat het thema eigenlijk zou moeten draaien om dat wat ik met ASP beoog. Maar wat wil ik dan met ASP? Waar staat het voor en wat is mijn visie? Arnhem Student Point staat voor mij voor een plek waar studenten samen kunnen komen, waar ze zichzelf kunnen ontwikkelen op gebieden die op opleidingen niet vaak worden aangeraakt, waar ze even stil kunnen staan en bovenal: waar ze zichzelf kunnen zijn. ASP gaat om het leven. Niet enkel om het studerende leven, maar…

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Hi all, As the new student pastor at Arnhem student point, I am looking for students who would like to join my student team! ASP organizes different sorts of meetings with and for students. All meetings have something to do with getting inspired, giving meaning to life, being with a community and being who you really are. Within this concept, events like sushi dinner evening, leadership workshops, game board nights, meditation sessions and many more were previously organized. The student team helps the student pastor with organizing, marketing, pr, making project plans and everything else that has something to do with organizing events and getting people to know more about ASP. The student team consists of students from ArtEZ, HAN and Van Hall Larenstein. Each student in the team works for a minimum of 4 hours a week at ASP. It is a volunteer job, but you will get a…

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Hi, my name is Iris Springvloet (25) and from September I will be the new student pastor at the Arnhem Student Point. I was born and raised in Arnhem, so my heart lies with Arnhem and the people who live here (temporarily and long-term). Together with my husband, daughter and dog, I live in Arnhem Zuid. I graduated from the University of Humanistic Studies as a spiritual counsellor and education specialist. I had a liberal and partly Protestant upbringing and since a few years I consider myself a humanist. As a student pastor, I want to ensure that the Arnhem Student Point is a place where students can feel at home in Arnhem, where you can be yourself, where you can go with all your (life) questions, and where there is always room to tell your story. I work holistically and focus on who you are, what you believe, how…

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How about taking a walk? Taking a walk is one of the great ways to stimulate your thinking and to sort things out. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you had a neutral sparring partner to share your ideas with? One that knows which questions are helpful. Arnhem Student Point has just such a coach for you. You send a message to Didi via Whatsapp 0623000468 or phone her . You can also send a mail and make an appointment to Walk and Talk.

The Arnhem Student Point team consists of members from all the universities plus art school in Arnhem and Velp, but guess what we are in serious need of a Van Hall Larenstein student to complete us. We cook up intersting events and make posters and leaflets to announce them, We organize the Living Room evenings on Tuesdays with the aim of bringing a great diversity of students together to meet and learn from eachother and have fun. I you are our missing link; do contact us at