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Centia studies IBMS at HAN. She used to be a professional swimmer during middel school in Indonesia. It was a good time , the swimming was intensive but it structured your day. Now as a student structuring your day is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline. But still : Centia is working on becoming a champion!

We talked to Cheeno at HAN FEM. This number by James Blunt as a special song for her. It reminds her of wonderful father/daughter times when she and her father would sit and have coffee together and share secrets.

It reminds me of an important person in my life who has not made it to see this day. This song was played at his funeral. He was a Chrsitian man and God meant home to him. So when he died he was going home. He inspired me through his positive attitude in spite of all the pain. Thanks Jaimy, Arnhem Student Point  

I asked Marian for a lifesong. This is her answer: “I had to think for a while, when you asked me for a life-song. There are so many songs that I like, or that mean a lot to me. But soon, I thought about this song: ‘You are loved (don’t give up)’, by Josh Groban. In the song, there’s understanding for the fact that everybody wants to be loved en heard. I listened to this song a lot when I was on a tough spot in my life. The track kept reminding me that, however tough life kan be, there is always someone who cares about you, and wants to be by your side. I give this song to others who are having a rough time in there lives. I study to be a social worker, I want to give other people this message. Of course, this song isn’t only…

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