Once again our Board Game Night is coming back for the usual appointment with the ASP during Tuesday nights. In the month of March the selected date is the 7th at 20.00.

An occasion that the Deep Gang from Arnhem Student Point wants to give all the students in Arnhem and surroundings to relax and develop their creativity and spontaneity while spending a good time having fun and meeting new people.

We will welcome you in a cosy and warm atmosphere and propose you to play with us while having a cup of tea or enjoying a little snack. The night offers three different options but our team is always open to new proposals and ideas.

The possibilities are DIXIT, WAREWOLF and a new entry…the GIRAFFE JAR GAME.

If you are getting curious more and more about it and you never heard something like that is because this game is a neologism from our team.

It will consist in some simple steps and rules, easy to play, easy to learn and follow but also engaging both mentally and physically:

The players are going to be divided in groups and the single components of each group will be challenged by their own colleagues.

Speed is also a main element to achieve the first place but most important of all is empathy and open mind, capability to make connections and understand every little hint or cue from the others.

Starting from a random word written on a paper and hidden in a jar a member of the team is going to first describe it with other synonyms or words and then mime it to the rest of the participants.

Strange and funny misunderstandings will raise up your creativity and your laughter.

A friendly way to get to know how instinctively people think and how to be clear with your decisions and movements.

Qi gong beginners exercise

Intrducing our second evening of Qi gong Workshop, here a simple exercise to give you a little bit of the taste:

Flowing Qi

Start by sitting forward on the edge of the chair, with feet flat on the floor in front of you. With your feet rooted to the ground, imagine that your body is afloat. Let your head float above your relaxed neck like a float on the surface of water. To let your spine feel free, imagine a gentle sensation of someone lifting you from above, as if there were a string attached to the crown of your head. Inhale, and let the energy within you allow your arms to rise to shoulder height. On the exhale, return your arms to your sides. Repeat this several times, becoming increasingly aware of the energy within that propels the movement of your arms.

Walk and Talk personal coaching for students

Taking a walk is one of the great ways to stimulate your thinking and to sort things out. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you had a neutral sparring partner to share your ideas with? One that knows which questions are helpful. Arnhem Student Point has just such a coach for you.

You send a message to Didi via Whatsapp 0623000468 or phone her . You can also send a mail and make an appointment to Walk and Talk.


Life song Centia

Centia studies IBMS at HAN. She used to be a professional swimmer during middel school in Indonesia. It was a good time , the swimming was intensive but it structured your day. Now as a student structuring your day is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline. But still : Centia is working on becoming a champion!

Life Song Cheeno

We talked to Cheeno at HAN FEM. This number by James Blunt as a special song for her. It reminds her of wonderful father/daughter times when she and her father would sit and have coffee together and share secrets.