Individual talks

Yanniek and Iris are available for personal conversations on various topics. They focus on who you are, what you believe in, what inspires you and how you feel about your life.

You can contact either of them:

– if your head is full and you want to discharge

– if you want someone to listen to you unconditionally

– if you don’t feel yourself

– if you lost someone

– if you are looking for the meaning of your life

– if you just want to talk to someone other than friends, family or teachers.

You can reach Iris daily at and via +31639709203 (also Whatsapp).

You can reach Yanniek daily at and via +31624839161 (also Whatsapp).

Conversations can be made online via Teams, Zoom, Skype or video calling. It is also possible to take a walk through Sonsbeek or another park in Arnhem!