How are you REALLY doing?

Together with the d3rde verdieping, we have build a platform where students can meet each other, can talk to each other and discuss things that have to do with life, with living and with how they are REALLY doing. With this project, we want to give students freedom and space to meet with each other and have a real conversation and real contact.

– Through a whatsapp group, we try to organize a community where students can find each other. You can send a message in the groupapp and there will always be somebody that responds.If you want to join the whatsapp group, you can click on this link:

– We organize monthly meetings at every second Thursday of the month, where we talk about beautiful, real, vulnerable and recognizable things.The meetings will be organized at the Kastanjelaan 22e. We start at 19:00 and end at approximately 21:00 pm.

– We are going to organize trainings where you can learn what a ‘good’ conversation is, how you can listen and what the difference between listening and hearing is.