Buddy Box – Student

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Are you an international student that is staying or stuck in the Netherlands during this Corona crisis? Or are you a Dutch student in need of some support? Are you studying at HAN, ArtEZ or HVHL?

Would you like to be contacted by someone that wants to help and support you? Can you answer three of these questions with YES?

Sign up for a Buddy Box! You will receive a buddy and a buddy box –  the contact information of your buddy and a box filled with nice goodies. Both will help you get through this time!

You and your buddy can contact each other online and your buddy can help you with answering questions, online cooking and whatever he or she can do to help and support you.

Click here and sign yourself up!

If you have any questions, you can always contact Iris on buddybox@arnhemstudentpoint.nl and on +31639709203