We cannot underestimate how big the step is to start studying and your student life. You often have to meet new people and move to a new city.

Studying is a big change. It will take some getting used to. It will take some tripping, trial and error. Sometimes it takes longer to settle down than you expected. Sometimes you find yourself settled, without knowing how it happened. But the best news is: you are not alone in this.

With this buddy project we link you to a person you can fall back on. Someone who wants to help you navigate through this new life and who can give you help and tips to settle in Arnhem and in your new life.

Register today via this form (click)!

You will be linked one on one to a buddy. The link is random (unless you specify otherwise in the registration form). After registration you will receive a welcome email from us with more information and access to the buddy whatsapp group. In that group you can plan tips, information and activities with the other participants (both buddies and students)! As soon as a link is possible, you and your buddy will receive an email. How you shape the contact yourself is up to you!

The coordinator of this project is student pastor Iris Springvloet. You can contact her for questions and more information. Iris can be reached at and +31639709203.