Buddy Meet Up

We know you all have been waiting for this! In the coming Spring break (28th of Feb – 6th  of March) Arnhem Student Point is organizing another Buddy Project! In the previous two year we have connected more than 500 students together!

All these students got to meet new friends, took walks, connected and found new ways to get out of the house during the pandemic. Every time it was a really big success, so we are organizing this yet again!

If you sign up, you will be connected to another student in Arnhem. This student can be an international or a Dutch student and can be from one of the three Universities in Arnhem: HAN, ArtEZ and HVHL.

You can sign up until the 21st of February! You will receive the contact information of your connection during that week. You can contact each other and make an appointment to meet together during the spring holidays. You will also receive an invitation to join the Buddy Meet Up Whatsapp group with all other participants in this project!

Click here to sign up! https://forms.gle/7RBDmoUN9Hro5FFu6

This project is meant to give you the opportunity to meet with someone you don’t know. It is not meant as a dating opportunity. We do our best to connect you together, but the way you make contact is up to you. If there are any problems that arise during your contact, please make sure to let Iris know. (Iris is one of the student pastors & coordinators of Arnhem Student Point and can be reached on iris@arnhemstudentpoint.nl and +31639709203). You can also contact Iris if  you have any questions or remarks.