ASP Secret Santa

In the past year, we as ASP have always worked for connection and support and against loneliness among (international) students in Arnhem. With our buddy projects we have been able to connect 300 students and buddies! Special connections have emerged from the buddy projects.

We want to continue this idea of connectedness and new connections this Christmas season. The Christmas period is a period of being together and of contact with each other. It is a period of attention and warmth. And it is precisely during this period that many people – students and others – are alone.

Students, employees of universities of applied sciences and residents of Arnhem are allowed to participate in the Secret Santa project! The only condition is that you work / live around Arnhem, so that the package can also be delivered personally!

The project consists of three parts: the secret santa exchange, the ASP Christmas package and the Christmas celebration

  • Secret santa exchange: all participants who register before December 6 are randomly matched. Every secret santa writes a poem and makes / buys a gift worth + – 10 euros. This package will be delivered to the recipient before December 17, in person or by mail. You can register here: 
  • The ASP Christmas package: to support participants and give them something extra for Christmas, we make Christmas packages for every student who participates!
  • Christmas celebration: we organize an online Christmas celebration. During the Christmas celebration, the gifts are unwrapped (because you should not unpack alone) and a number of poems are read!

Will you participate too? Sign up now!