This is an overview of all ASP activities at this moment (updated on 26-05-2020). All activities are free of charge and intended for the students of HAN, ArtEZ and HVHL.

Individual conversations with Iris

Iris is available for personal conversations on various topics. She focuses on who you are, what you believe in, what inspires you and how you feel about your life.

You can contact her:

– if your head is full and you want to discharge

– if you want someone to listen to you unconditionally

– if you don’t feel yourself

– if you lost someone

– if you are looking for the meaning of your life

– if you just want to talk to someone other than friends, family or teachers.

You can reach Iris daily at and via +31639709203 (also Whatsapp).

Whatsapp groups:

– How are you REALLY doing: A Whatsapp group where you can talk with other students and Iris about how you are doing. You can find someone to talk to! Click here to join this Whatsapp group:

– Without words: A Whatsapp group where you don’t have to say anything, but where you can be part of a group of people who want to share with each others but don’t want to talk. Almost all days, Iris will share inspiring texts, beautiful pictures and images. You can also share thing you want to share, but you don’t have to. Click here to join this Whatsapp group:

A moment of inspiration

Every week, a ‘Moment of Inspiration’ is being recorded by Iris. This Moment Of Inspiration consists of 15 minutes filled with mindfulness meditiation, inspiring texts and music. It is an approachable way to be quiet for a little while and to listen to things that could inspire you. The Moment of Inspiration is being uploaded on instagram, facebook and youtube.

The Buddy Box

The Buddy Box project is a project in which students and buddies are linked together. The idea originated in the time of Corona, where many students wanted new or multiple contacts with other people. The buddies send a so-called ‘buddy box’ to the student, containing things that they find tasty, fun, beautiful or inspiring. The Buddy Box is a nice first introduction, but ultimately it is all about the contact that develops between the buddy and the student. This contact is often very valuable and sometimes even results in beautiful and good friendships.

Are you a student and do you want to be (randomly) linked to a buddy? Then register via this link:

Would you like to become a buddy of a student? Then register via this link:

Click here for more information about this project!


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