About Arnhem Student Point

Arnhem Student Point is a foundation which consists of a board, a student pastor and supporting students. We want to achieve personal development and enable students to clarify their purpose in life. We make a point of being open to different ideas and life styles. We’re a meeting point for students of different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life.

As a community, we explore social and personal themes and questions that free your mind and might redefine everyday life. A deeper sense of life is what we are after. We would love to hear what inspires you, what motivates you. We are open for what makes you cry and for what makes you laugh. Please join us in a good conversation over a drink.

Sounds good? This is the place for you to be. Every student is welcome to join in activities or to take initiatives that ASP will support. It’s free and you are invited! Have a look at our events calender.

ASP is there for those interested in and looking for lifequest issues, personal development, matters of spirituality or religion. We facilitate workshops, lectures and community meetings for students and share our resources on this site. This is an organization of students and our student chaplain.

The Foundation

The ASP Foundation Board holds members and students from a diversity of backgrounds from local churches and ArtEZ, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen and Van Hall Larenstein.

ASP is an ecumenical foundation for the purpose of coaching students in higher and university education in Arnhem and Velp. Arnhem Student Point is the name of a foundation officially still called Stichting Studentpastoraat Arnhem.

Reflection and inspiration

Personal Development

We enhance personal growth through exchange of values, inspiration and beliefs. We shed light on the relevance for students of spirituality and stimulate students and young professionals to gain experiences and inspiration next to their studies to develop in the area of mind and spirit.


Home away from Home

We want to be actively present to stimulate meeting and connections between students. We have an open attitude and include all students no matter their religious or philosophical background. For internationals and the Dutch alike ASP is a home away from home.

Being listened to and being yourself

You matter

At ASP we want you to know that you matter in every way and that we will listen to your story, both in an individual and group way. Everyone can join us and you may be whoever you are with us.


Student pastor, Spiritual counsellor

Graphic design student at ArtEZ, from Romania

ABS student at HAN, from Vietnam

ABS student at HAN, from Germany

Graphic design student at ArtEZ, from Greece


The ASP Foundation Board holds members and students from a diversity of backgrounds from local churches, ArtEZ, Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen and Van Hall Larenstein.

Members of the board are:
Miriam Zwaan (President, HAN)
Marieke Fernhout (Vice President, Preacher Parkstraatgemeente)
Ilona Baltussen (Secretary, ArtEZ)
Kees Herder (Paymaster)
Florentin Popescu (Board member, HAN)
Judith van de Looij (Board member, HAN)


You can reach the board through: