What we stand for

Reflection and inspiration – Personal Development

With us you can learn about yourself, about your values, beliefs and about the things that inspire you. With us there is room to dwell and discover what matters to you. We do this alone and in conversation with others. So learn about yourself and about others. We pay special attention to meaning, what does your life mean and what do you find important?

Community – Home away from Home

We enable meetings and connections between students. At all our (free!) activities you can meet others and there is room to talk. All students of HAN, HVHL and ArtEZ are welcome at ASP. You can just walk in!

Being listened to and being yourself – You matter

At ASP we want you to know that you matter in every way and that we will listen to your story, both in an individual and group way. Everyone can join us and you may be whoever you are with us.