Introducing ASP

ASP is an organization which focuses on getting inspired, giving meaning to life, being with a community and being who you really are. We consist of a student pastor and a student team. We do this through organizing events, getting together, group discussions, eating together and through one on one conversations with our student pastor. Besides these things, we organize weekly meditation sessions on Van Hall Larenstein. ASP is for every student, regardless of their religion and view on life. We want everyone to feel at home and have the freedom to be who they are.

Iris Springvloet is our student pastor. She works holistically and focuses on who you are, what you believe and how you feel about life. You can contact her:
– If you want to talk about something that is bothering you
– If you want someone to listen to you, to your story
– If you feel lonely, unhappy or sad (or if you are happy and want to talk about that)
– If you are searching for meaning in life (religious or non-religious)
– Or if you just want to talk to someone other than friends, parents and teachers

All our events are free of charge and you are always welcome to join them. Look at our site, Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.

We look forward to meeting you!

The ASP Experience

Warm voices come from upstairs, the bean bags are ready, the kettle bubbling. This is a place where you can just be, where you want to stay longer. A meeting point for strangers, where, despite your different point of view, you always somehow have something in common. A place that welcomes you, where you can discuss ideas that lie at the tip of your tongue. A place where you can have fun and find things beyond the mundane.

At home, you know everything and everybody. In a restaurant, you have to behave, in a bar everything becomes jolly quickly and the company has never been that good. This is a place to discover yourself, others, the world. A place that is different enough from the everyday world to shed new light on your place in life. Here you can get closer by looking from a distance. A place to get away from rules and that which is expected.

To do this, you need others. A walk can be inspiring, a shower enlightening, but ideas need other ideas, like people need other people. We’re always in a network. We, Arnhem Student Point, are the starting point, the meeting point, the focal point for doubt.

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